Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Craftypod Project Keepers

I see lots and lots of projects on blogs that I "file away for later" because they are such wonderful ideas.  Some of them I know I'll never try, but I save them anyway.  Some I have every intention of trying, but for one reason or another I never do.  And then rarely, very rarely, there comes a project that I feel like I must drop everything I'm doing and try it right now!

When I saw Diane at Craftypod's post and tutorial on Project Keepers (I first posted about it HERE) I knew it was a must-do-now type of project.  After all, I had had some oil cloth in my stash for at least six months just waiting to be put to use!

I didn't make the tags like she did... I was in a bit of a hurry.  I used sticky labels to close my keepers... but when I have more time I am going to add some velcro I think.  Here's to keeping me at least a little bit more organized!  Yippee!



Stephanie Rose said...

I LOVE this idea! I just found an old journal I am turning into my "crafting project to-do journal" b/c like you, I see so many things I want to try, or make a variation of. This is going to be at the top of my list! Thanks for posting!

Caroline said...

SUCH a great idea!

You know, you would be the prefect person to ask--I bet you could come up with a great idea for this question I have... I have been looking for a system to file my bills, a cute folder, a binder--something! Any ideas? I thought of a 3 ring binder but that means I'd have to punch holes in each bill...anyway, if you think of something--let me know or post it! ;)

xo Caroline

M.E. Greene said...

What a fun idea! Hey... where is your finished bear? Guess I need to see if I missed a post! :)

Rebecca Dot Com said...

that is such a good idea! i think i'm going to steal it! :) I love your blog! thanks for stopping by ....it made my day!

happy tuesday!!!


Regina said...

Owwww I think that I will steal ummm I mean borrow this idea too. Very nice!!!


Gabrielle @ i.craft said...

Love it. I have lots of oilcloth around here, I'm going a make a few of those. :)

Maiden Jane said...

Well done! Love this!

Diane Gilleland said...

Hey, thanks so much for posting about my tutorial! I love seeing how your Project Keepers came out. And it's absolutely great that you're putting them to use!