Friday, February 13, 2009

Origami Heart Bookmarks

Here's a cute idea from Origami Club which would be a sweet little valentines gift.

I used regular 6x6 inch origami paper. Each piece makes two bookmarks. I experimented with different bold color combinations and made a "set."

These are the perfect size for novel-sized paperbacks. To enlarge the bookmark, just use larger squares of paper.

I love how they save your page by sitting over the edge - not as easy for the bookmark to fall out! I played around with some double-printed cardstock I had - but the prints are too large in my opinion.

These would look great made with double printed paper featuring tiny prints. I will have to mess around with the more when I get a chance.

I'm thinking of including one or more of these bookmarks in Mariah's Get Better Box.


Craftpassion said...

The double printed paper is great. I went to Origami Club but can't find the diagram that teaches this heart bookmark you made. Did you extend it from the original heart pattern?

Joanne said...

When you're on Origami Club's main page, click "Useful Origami" on the menu of the left side of your page. The bookmark is there :)