Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mariah's Get Better Box FINAL UPDATE - Thanks, Mum!

My wonderful mother made a blouse for Mariah. It's a long tunic she can wear with jeans or over leggings. So cute! The photo really doesn't do it justice at all. She is so talented -- I can't wait to learn how to sew! (note to self: must purchase sewing machine first)

And that was the final piece of Mariah's Get Better Box. Here are some photos (I apologize for the quality, I'm tired and in a hurry - I'm going to work on a light box next week so my photos in general will be much clearer for you all!)

The Get Better Box and all of its contents

Everything packed inside

Packed up and ready to give!


Craftpassion said...

Wow, the blouse is so beautiful, can't wait to see the picute when Mariah wears it.
You box is really adorable, Marial will sure loves it a lot :)

LollyChops said...

This is so wonderful of you to do! She's just going to love it!

Joanne said...

Thanks! I was really happy with how it turned out :)

Night Owl Mama said...

That is going to be a nice keepsake for her!