Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Scarf Update

I'm fighting this flu bug with all my might - but it seems to be winning out! :( I'm nowhere near as sick as a lot of folks have been - there are people at work who have been off for days - but I'm just sick enough to feel not right, tired, and achy. Not a great start to the week!

As a result, there's not much new and crafty to report, other than an update on my latest scarf. It's eerily similar to Meg's purple scarf actually - using thick and thin wool and just the basic knit stitch.

I started it as a gift for someone, but the longer I work on it the longer I don't think the colors and style fit this person. Sooo... I'm going to finish this one off for myself (a get better gift for me?) and then knit an entirely new one for a gift.

After that, I swear I'm going to move on from the scarves onto something more interesting...


Meg@MegaCrafty said...

You're right- the yarn is amazingly similar! I'm getting the same results from just working in Garter stitch. Maybe you should try a hat next... thats always a nice project. You'll get experience on circular needles and I know I was amazed when an actual hat formed on my needles for the fist time!

Joanne said...

Are the edges of your scarf looking kind of scalloped-ish, too? I was kind of freaked out at first but now it looks kind of pretty.

Circular needles seem intimidating... but a hat to match my scarf (this one) would be so cute!

UK lass in US said...

It's so pretty - that's lovely yarn.

Circular needles aren't as bad as you'd think (I haven't attempted a hat with them yet, mind...)