Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm A Beginner... All I Make Is Scarves...

I am extremely lucky to live *literally* down the street from the cutest knitting shop in the entire world. City Knitting is everything you could imagine a locally owned knitting shop to be. It's cozy, filled with arm chairs and sofas always occupied by local knitters, the staff is super friendly and ready to help you with your every knitting need, and best of all it's filled to the brim with BEAUTIFUL yarns.

I walked around the store for at least 15 minutes today just feeling things. It was overwhelming. The woman working came up to me and asked what I was working on... you know, as if *I* was actually a knitter who could do something other than the knit stitch, I giggled like a little girl and replied "I'm a beginner... all I make is scarves."

The woman was so excited that I was a beginner, and pointed out a host of free patterns including one for a hat that consisted of *only* the knit stitch and the purl stitch. She encouraged me to keep practicing with the scarves and as soon as I was ready to come on back and she'd help me with the hat. Now that's why I shop locally - they truly care about their product and their art.

Anyhoo, I thought I'd give you an update on my... well, my scarves... : )

Here's my first ever project - I ran out of yarn! I made the scarf WAY wider than I should have, it's going to be quite heavy by the time it's done! I have to head out this week in search of another ball to finish it off...

While antiquing this weekend I came across the motherload - needles upon needles for two dollars a pair. Sweet! I love deals, and these made me feel especially thrifty. I picked up a couple of pairs and will be back for more for sure...

This yarn is so chunky and wonderful! I'm actually knitting with 8mm instead of 9mm here but I love how dense it's making the scarf. I'm so proud of how much better and more even my stitches are already getting!

And here are the selections I picked up today:

This pink is for a scarf for my pre-teen niece Mariah, who is having wrist surgery on the 26th. I'm putting together a "Get Better" basket of entirely home-made stuff. Some of it I am making, I've ordered a few things from Etsy, and I'm looking for more. More info about the "Mariah Get Better Basket" project and how YOU can contribute to it, coming soon!

This beautiful yarn is for a very special scarf for a very special woman in my life... sssh... it's a secret! Can you guess who it's for?

While I work my booty off perfecting my knit stitch and my purl stitch on this plethora of scarves... feel free to comment with easy beginner pattern ideas. I need inspiration of where to go next!

Happy Knitting!

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Craftpassion said...

Hi Joanne, coincidently I am Joanne as well :) Nice to know that you are practising knitting. i can see that your knit tension is getting even, that's a good job. Keep going!!!!