Monday, February 16, 2009

FABULOUS Felt Pins - Thanks, Dot!

Ever since Dot at Dabbled posted her darling felt-pin tutorial last week, I was itching to give it a shot.

While I know next to nothing about felting (yarn and knitting related, something to do with washing it I think? It's on my list to explore...) I used regular store-bought felt. I have a feeling that actual felted yarn would be more dense, and hold its shape better for a project like this.

The first pin I made I did straight off the tutorial, but without the die-cutter (I wish, I wish, I wish I had a die-cutter!) or even pinking shears (why don't I own a pair?!) and using a heart-shaped button in the center:

Then I made a couple of flowers... recognize that color scheme? They may pop up again...

The final pin I made is for Mariah's Get Better Box and it's my favorite:

Quick, easy, and adorable - my favorite kind of project! This one will be used again and again I'm sure. Thanks, Dot!


Dot said...

Great job! They are so fun and colorful!

Alison said...

These are so cute - I especially love the pink and green ones ;p