Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mariah's Get Better Box

When I was a child, I was an avid reader. One of my favorite anthologies was the “My Naughty Little Sister” collection by Dorothy Edwards. Yes, she was an English author, and these books are an “English thing” so I’m not sure if any of you will have even heard of them…

Anyway, there was one particular story about a “Get Better Box.” The little girl in the story was sick, and all of the adults in her life brought her a little something to make her feel better, which was all kept in her “Get Better Box.”

Now, I’m *assuming* that after reading that story I decided I wanted a “Get Better Box” as well, but I’m not sure on the details there. I do remember though that when my brother and I got sick as kids, my Mum pulled out the “Get Better Box” and came up with a new coloring book, game, puzzle, etc. For all I know there may not have been an actual box – and she could have run out to the store and got something for us as needed – but I remember it brightening my spirits all the same.

My niece Mariah is having surgery on her wrist on February 26, and having been through a couple of minor hospital stays as a kid and plenty of surgeries as a high school and college student, I can sympathize with how crappy even a minor illness can make you feel as a kid (and as adults too, right?!). So I’ve decided to put together my own take on the “Get Better Box” for Mariah.

Here’s the deal – the goal is for everything in it to be home-made. It doesn’t necessarily have to be made by me, in fact I will be encouraging my crafty friends and fellow bloggers to contribute to the “Get Better Box.” I’ve already ordered a couple of things from Etsy, and will be posting them as I receive them.

I personally will be knitting Mariah a sassy pink scarf, making her a couple of Dot from Dabbled’s FABULOUS felt-pins, and experimenting with soap-making as well.

I think everyone deserves a “Get Better Box,” don't you? Comment if you’d like to contribute and share some hand-made LOVE.


Susan said...

Yes, there actually was a "Get Better Box", I tried to keep it filled with interesting things to keep you both happy when you were under the weather.

Susan. (Mum.)

Joanne said...

Yes! You commented! I'm so proud :)

Alison said...

I would love to contribute something...I found a cute idea for a bookmark and also come cute bangle bracelets (is this stupid since she's having wrist surgery?)...When will you give her the box?

Joanne said...

I think both your ideas are fabulous! I'll give her the box on the 26th -- which I know is not far away! What kind of bookmark are you thinking? She LOVES to read, and I was thinking of an origami one to make (found a SUPER template this morning!) so maybe we can color coordinate and make a set? :) Maybe I'm getting too involved! Anyhow - thanks for contributing!

Alison said...

I love the coordinating book mark idea - they are simple ribbon bookmarks with a flower or other type of embellishment on the end. (Thank you, Martha Stewart!) I have not gotten the ribbon yet, but will do so this weekend and will make the items this weekend or Monday. I will try to mail the items to you on Tuesday.

Let me know what colors you are thinking of and I can get that type of ribbon :)

Susan said...

I am getting old!! I remembered that Grandma used to have a "Magic Box" for me when I was sick, so I guess that and the book were my inspiration for your "get Better Box." I don't think you ever actually asked for one, but where ever it came from the memory has stayed with you.