Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mariah's Get Better Box Update 6 - Thanks, Alison!

I was going to include with this post a text message dialog between Mariah and I (yes, she text messages!) yesterday evening with Mariah asking me questions and talking about her nerves regarding her upcoming surgery... but I am too tired to type it all out (damn flu!) so you'll have to wait for tomorrow's post for that. It was incredibly cute though - the poor thing is all stressed out.

I'll leave you though with Alison's fantastic submissions to Mariah's Get Better Box - bangles and bookmarks. I love everything, but especially the bangles - I'm going to need to make some of those for myself! : )


Alison said...

Aren't the bracelets fabulous! And super easy...Martha Stewart - Textured Bangle Bracelets. The embroidery thread is super cheap and the bangles are pretty reasonable as well...and the whole bracelet only takes about 1/2 hour depending on how intricate the stripes are.

Craftpassion said...

How sweet of you to get so many things into "Mariah Gets Better" box. You are such a great aunt. Hope she is going to recover well after he surgery. Why does she need a wrist surgery, btw? Wish you get well soon too, I understand how crappy we will during the flu!

Joanne said...

Nice! I will pick up some bangles and try it!

Thanks, Joanne, for your sweet note and the get better wishes. I'm feeling a bit better today. Mariah has a cyst on her wrist that has to be removed - hopefully she'll have a speedy recovery!

heatherhill said...

I just can not believe how blessed i am to have such a great friend as you Joanne. I can't wait to love your children someday as much as you do mine!!