Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Buggin' Out! (Call for ideas and a GIVEAWAY!)

If you've been hanging around these parts for awhile now, you may remember me helping to throw a first birthday party for my niece Lily last year.  It was so much fun to do, and I loved being able to give her more than just a gift - something she can look back on in pictures the rest of her life.

If you missed the party... catch up with the posts HERE, HERE, and finally HERE.

Last year's theme was cupcakes... and it was very, very cute.  This year we're using this stamp set for inspiration and to get the creative juices flowing... (Bugs & Kisses from Stampin' Up!)

Yup, that's right, a bug party!  Now... we're talking cute bugs of course... not ugly, scary bugs!  : )

We're getting an early start on the planning this year (Lily turns 2 in May) and I'm looking for ideas!  It's not a huge party, and it's mostly adults... so we're not talking games and activities so much, more food, decorating, favors, etc. etc.  Get the idea?

Sooo... here's what I'm thinking... let's have a GIVEAWAY!  Leave me a comment with an idea for my bug birthday party (you can link to an existing idea or picture on the web, it doesn't necessarily have to be something you come up with yourself... and it doesn't need to be related to the stamp set above... just fit the bug theme!) and I'll enter you to win!  Win what you ask?  How about this?

It's the "Picture This" stamp set that I used HERE and HERE.  It's actually a hostess stamp set in the Occasions Mini Catalog - so it's not one that's available to buy, and it's not one that will be around at all anymore come summertime.  It's a really useful set - I love it!

Your set will be a wood mounted set, not the clear mount that's shown here.  That way all you need is ink and paper and you're good to go!

Here are the official giveaway rules:

1.  Leave me a comment with your idea for my party... for one entry.

2.  If you are a follower, or become a follower, let me know in your comment... for a second entry.

3.  If you are a fan on my Stampin' Up! fan page on Facebook, or become one (see the box on your right?)... get a THIRD entry.

4.  Sorry, giveaway limited to US Residents only

5.  Giveaway is open until midnight EST on Sunday, February 21 and I'll announce the winner on Monday.

Good luck!  Hope you win!


AVinNYC said...

What a fun idea! I would probably frost and decorate a wavy row of cupcakes to look like a giant caterpillar. It'd be fun to do different colors and sprinkles, with little legs sticking out and antenae and a face on the first cupcake... and we all know how cute your cupcakes are!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking lots of fresh flowers - but with little butterfly nets stuck in instead of grasses.

I know you said it'd be mostly adults, but a fun activity might be to plant a small flower (daisy or carnation) in a pot - adorn with a little paper butterfly on a stick.

And worms are really insects, but mud pie is always a DELICIOUS dessert.

I'll probably have some more ideas soon... but i'll e-mail you instead :)

Oh, and of course, I'm a follower!

Elisabeth Tarchala said...

How about cupcakes designed to look like snails or you could use small shovels & pails (I know you can get some from Oriental Trading) and make dirt cups with gummy worms. Check out for the recipe. Ant on a log (celery, peanut butter, raisins) or spiders made from ritz crackers, pb, & stick pretzels give guests a healthy alternative. For a craft or party gift you can buy little bug keeper boxes from Oriental as well and then stamp bugs from the set on them. (I did this for my son several years back) Well I hope some of these ideas help you out.
I'm suppose to let you know I am a blog follower, a FB fan, and a Stampin Up fan as well. Good luck on your party ideas!

CraftCrave said...

Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the Handcraft category today (look for timestamp: [17 Feb 01:00pm GMT]).

Regina said...

WOW have already had some awesome suggestions. Here are a few from me.
1.Worm Sandwiches:
Cut up hotdogs lengthwise and microwave until they curl up like wiggling worms. Serve on hamburger buns. *I did this for a nephew one year and let it be a build your own. Put the wiggle worms/hotdogs on a platter with a garden pick sign over it that said "Good Ole Juicey Worms"

2. Bug Juice:
Use Lime green Kool aide and serve it in a mason jar. *I did this too with the same party as above. I painted on the Mason jars "Lighting Bug Jar" (you could probably find some really cute tags to use instead of painting)

3.Butterfly Cupcakes:
Use one of YOUR wonderful recipes..and for the topping you simply frost and then use fruit slices cut in half for the wings, gummy worm for the body and shoestring licorice for the antenna.

I have so much fun following you here and on facebook...thank you!!

Bug Hugs,

M.E. Greene said...

I'm a fan on FB AND a follower already, so woot woot! And for my idea for a bug party...

Instead of a cake, how about a bunch of cupcakes in the shape of a caterpillar? Maybe let each of the kids make a party favors... use ink pads to let the kids make fingerprint bugs/caterpillars? Use those big pink puffy coconut cupcake treats (I don't know what they are called... puffballs?) with a little antenna coming off the top that has each child's name?

Sounds like a fun party!

Anonymous said...

the old tried and true "ants on a log" snack - celery stuffed with cream cheese topped with raisins. Easy and yum.

Gabrielle @ i.craft said...

Love this. My oldest daughter had a "cute" bug party for her 7th birthday, it was a blast. We had lots of plastic and rubber bugs as decoration, beetle cupcakes, ladybug and butterfly fabric that I sewed into table runners with pom pom trim on the edges. The food was all spring salads and a couple of vegetable casseroles. Our activity was mini gardens in baskets, everything from thrift stores and everyone took their little garden home with them, it was a Blast.

I'll email you a photo if you want one. :)

Have a PEAR-fect day!

TeenaBugg38 said...

Ok this is fun!!! I just became a follower...simply cuz I really wanna see the photos when you have the party...CUTE theme!! Try worms and dirt cups.....just make chocolate pudding (or buy the prepared pudding cups) crush oreo's or other creme filled chocolate cookies one top (for the dirt) and stick gummy bugs and worms into it. My 5 yr old LOVES this! Also you can make spiders buy taking an oreo, dipping it in chocolate and adhering licorice strings for the legs...add a little tic tac or something for the eyes. Hope this helps

Cynthia said...

Well, there are so many great ideas on here already. Caleb went to a Very Hungry Caterpillar party in December. All the kids got these adorable headbands that looked like antennas. i have a picture

of course I follow your blog and I am def a fan on facebook!

RR said...

How about ants on a log? Pretzel logs with peanut butter on top, then dotted with raisins.

Ryan and Erin Russell said...

Ladybug cupcakes. Freeze little plastic bugs in ice cubes (for the adults).

Here is a cute idea from Two Peas:

Make or buy fun little bug antenna headbands.

Here are more great bug party ideas.

Ryan and Erin Russell said...

I'm a facebook fan.

Carrie said...

Joanne, I TOTALLY have some cute ideas because we threw my sis a "love bug" baby shower in Nov. I just need to get them posted! Cutest of all were the cupcakes; if I don't get it posted I'll email a pic. We had them made by a local bakery and I wish you could taste the frosting-- it was seriously the best buttercream I've ever had.

Susan said...

I think Lily needs a cute dress or romper made from ladybug fabric...also I think there may be a caterpiller cake in my old birthday cake book you have.

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

I loved to make these tie dye coffee filter bugs whenever I did bug theme parties (when I used to work in a museum)

They are cheap and colorful- and if you wanted to use them as an Art's and Craft's project for the party they work for just about any age range- kids can make them as fancy or simple as there age allows.

Can't wait to see the cute things you come up with!

angelina la dawn said...

oh gosh, how can i add anymore ideas? these are all wonderful!
i think you should do chocolate covered strawberries that look like lady bugs and other cuties.
and i'm a big fan of terrariums, so maybe you guys could make those, too?

i'm a follower to your blog and your fan page :)