Friday, May 8, 2009

So what's in those goody bags anyway?

The goody bags are finished and full of treats! I'm really excited about them!

For the girls...

Filled with all kinds of cupcake fun!

These little magnet kits were a last minute addition - just $1 each at Michaels. They didn't fit in the bags, so I unpacked them and put them in little ziplocs instead...


Look at that glittery pencil topper!

The candle and lip gloss are $1 items from Michael's. The cupcake soap is from Etsy shop Sun Basil Garden. Isn't it DARLING? I ordered some soaps for Mother's Day as well and everything looks great and smells wonderful! Check out Sun Basil Garden on Etsy today!

For the boys...

I gave up trying to make the boys' goody bags cupcake themed - cupcakes aren't very manly. So I just bought plain blue bags, added a tag, and filled it with little boy goodies...

(all $1 items from Michaels)

The mazes were four for a dollar at Michaels. Score!

Now I'm off to do some more baking, and to finish the banner! Check back tonight for updates!


Sunbasilgarden said...

How cute are those bags!!!! I wish I was coming. So sweet. It's so neat to see my soaps in there. So glad you enjoy them. Have a blast at the party! --Lauren @Sunbasilgarden Soaps

The little totes are adorable.

PS- The boys bags are cool. Being a mom of only boys...they will love those picks!

Melissa said...

Oh my! I am in LOVE with your goodie bags!!! The party is going to be awesome!