Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jewelry & Fashion Art

I am absolutely *swimming* in dance recital costumes right now! There are yards of tulle, satin, and bunches of silk flowers all over my house!

I'm spending every evening cutting and pinning tutus in preparation for a big sewing session with Mum this weekend, and my bff Heather is slaving away cutting hundreds and hundreds of flower petals out of fabric during the daytime...


I'll provide a dance costume sneak peak over the weekend, but for now I'm thinking ahead to summertime and a super fun class I'll be teaching at the YMCA called "Jewelry and Fashion Art." It's geared towards young ladies in upper elementary school - middle school, and I'm teaching it with another gal.

My co-instructor is handling the jewelry projects, since jewelry-making is certainly not an area of my expertise, and I'm handling the rest. We don't have access to sewing machines, so everything we do that involves sewing will be hand-sewn.

The focus is definitely on accessories and jewelry, we're not really delving into clothes without a machine to use...

I'm thinking things like this (click on photos to link to tutorial / site)

or maybe a TOTE BAG?

So here's where you can help me out! The class is meeting weekly all summer, so I need LOTS or project ideas! So go ahead and channel your inner-pre-teen-diva-self and leave me a comment or link with a project idea - or e-mail me photos - and share the fashion and jewelry art love! THANKS!

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AVinNYC said...

Ooooh- sounds like a fun summer! If I come up with anything, I'll let you know (though I know you'll have the best ideas)!

As for my Cricut, I love it. But, I bought it ages ago (when I worked at a scrapbook store and it was the only thing I could afford on the market). I'm totally out of the loop on the other options that have since come about- so although I love it for my limited use, I'm pretty uninformed at this point! :)