Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cupcake Party Progress - Three Days To Go!

I hope you're not getting sick of cupcakes... : )

For those of you who are new, or just haven't been paying close attention (ha!) I'm working on all things cupcake for my niece Lily's first birthday party on Saturday!

In case you've missed a post or two... get caught up! (click on each photo for the full post) and if you've been following along, go ahead and scroll down for some new stuff!


Since baking this many cakes and decorating them all would be VERY hard to do all in one day, we baked last weekend, are freezing the cupcakes and decorating them the morning of the party. I was a little nervous about freezing them, but we did a lot of research on best practices and it seems it's all in how you defrost, so I think we'll be just fine!


Heather (Lily's mom) showed me some invites she liked, and I used them as inspiration and gave them my own twist.

I also embellished the envelopes just for fun!


For the siblings and older girls who are attending the party to take home with them!


To go inside the aforementioned gift bags! Now all I need is some cute cupcake PENCILS. Anyone seen any lately?


Courtesy of the fabulous Lolly at who is having a CUPCAKE WEEK! I printed Lolly's FREE template (I told you she was fabulous! I mean, not JUST because of the free printables - there's so much more - but you know what I'm saying! Yeah Lolly!) for gift tags - unfortunately I didn't have a scallop punch, so do you know what crazy Aunt Joanne did? Oh yeah, you know it, I cut twelve of them out by hand! Talk about scissor skills - I must have absolutely aced that day in kindergarten...

I'm saving these for Lily's gifts (note to self - don't forget to wrap gifts!)

And then I added one to each of the girls' goody bags. Such a nice touch!

Another of Lolly's templates was for 1-inch punches - I have one of those! Lolly did some sweet things with shrinky dinks, which I'm dying to try, but didn't have on hand, so I just printed to cardstock to create some colorful table confetti!

FUN! Head over to Lolly's to grab some of her printables and check out Cupcake Week. It's been a blast so far!

And here's a little sneak peak of the project I *hope* to post tonight... I'm so excited about it! I've used some Lolly goodness once again...

Can you guess what it's going to be?? Can you?!

The birthday banner of course! Look out for it later tonight! And lastly (this is a long post!) a big special HOWDY, HI, HELLO! to any of you who have popped over from Lolly's today (thanks for the shout out, Lolly!) please leave a comment and say hello, and do stop back by again!


LollyChops said...

YOU CUT THEM BY HAND!?!?!?! Crazy woman! You should have told me. I could have made you some plain circle ones. Oh I feel so bad... but darn those ARE cute!!! heh

I cannot wait to see pics from the party!

Rachael Hutchings said...

Holy guacamole! Totally amazing! Lily is the luckiest girl EVER!

Lori R said...

Wow! My birthday is in November...will you throw me a party? :) What a sweet auntie you are! Everything looks amazing!!
PS Lolly sent me:)

Craftpassion said...

These are overwhelming!!!! I love CUPCAKES, both edible and decorations!!!! Everything here look delicious, yummy yummy!!!!

Joanne said...

Thanks for the cupcake love, friends! Welcome Lori - thanks for hopping over! I'll be checking out your blog as well, and hope you'll swing in again! :)

AVinNYC said...

Joanne- these are great! I bet you're SO excited and so busy getting ready for the party! I hope everything is LOADS of fun (I made/decorated some cupcakes last night... so fun)! Thanks for sharing! :)

AVinNYC said...

Oh my goodness- great minds really DO think alike! I can't wait to see your wonderful creations... so exciting! There's a cake baking supply company here in NYC- I've been stocking up on sanding sugar and sprinkles to try and tackle more of Bakerella's ideas... I just LOVE her! ;) Hope this weekend goes really well! said...

I just came over from Lollychops! This is going to be the best party ever!

Unknown said...

Hopping over from Lolly's! This is going to be the best party ever!! You are very creatively clever. Have a wonderful time, and I'm off to check out the rest of your blog.

Joanne said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments! Stay tuned for more cupcake party stuff over the next couple of days - and lots more NON-cupcake fun next week!

Melissa {polkadot chair} said...

sooo many good ideas, it makes me want to have our party all over again LOL!!!!