Friday, May 15, 2009

Tutorial: Little Girl Flower Headbands

You guessed it, I'm making these for the preschoolers in the dance recital. They are super cheap, quick, and easy, and would be darling accessories for summer sundresses or just to add to a dress up box.

Start with some cheap-o headbands from your local dollar store. I purchased packs of five for $1 from The Dollar Tree.

For the daffodil headband, I found fake daffodils at Michaels by the bunch. Pop a single flower off its stem...

And pull the plastic part out of the middle, separating the main petals and the trumpet.

Sew the main petals onto the headband loosely, using a needle and embroidery floss.

Use a glue gun to reinforce, then continue to sew through the petals and headband at different angles. Add the trumpet with another dab of glue and continue stitching.

Your stitches will create a new center of the flower.

It's okay if the underside of the headband looks messy...

Use satin ribbon the same width as the headband to cover your stitches. Glue gun the ribbon to the inside of the headband.


For the rose headband I used these bunches of wired roses from Hobby Lobby. At 77 cents a bunch, I used one bunch per headband.

Place the bottom of the rose where you want it to sit on the headband and hold.

Wrap the wire around the headband in alternating directions for security.

Tuck in the end of the wire underneath.

Continue to add roses, close together.

Glue satin ribbon to the underside like you did for the daffodil headband. The ribbon is especially important this time because it covers any little pieces of wire so that it's both comfortable to wear and doesn't catch hairs.

For the lilac headband (and the others like it - same principles apply) I began with this bunch of dollar store flowers.

I pulled the flowers off their stems...

Took out the center plastic piece and separated the petals...

Using a glue gun I attached the large petal first...

Pull it taught so that the glue comes out of the middle (careful - it's hot!)

Place the smaller petal on top and stick...

Continue to add petals in this manner all around the headband. Be sure to allow each flower to overlap - it looks better if you don't have any of the headband showing in between flowers.


You can use essentially any kind of fake flower you choose - and could seriously make this craft super cheaply by using all dollar store materials. Be creative and come up with your own flower patterns and combinations!

Enjoy! And have a nice weekend!


AVinNYC said...

So cute, Joanne... the little girls will LOVE wearing these!

Fuji Mama said...

Oh my goodness! These are beyond adorable! I can't wait to try making some for my girls.