Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Valentines I Couldn't Show Until Now... part 2

I love celebrating the holidays with our close family friends and their kids.  I'm the honorary aunt to my BFF Heather's kids, and I always enjoy putting together some small treats for her kids, my nieces Mariah and Lily and my nephew Anthony.

Here's Anthony's Valentines.  He got more candy than the girls... because he's harder to shop for!  I do love the little M&M guy, though!  He also got a sun catcher and some of those crazy little things you put in water and they grow?  Those even amuse ME!  : )


You probably remember me showing you on of the fabric drawstring bags I made for the girls...

Mariah is quickly heading towards her teenage years, so it's really fun to pick out things for her.  Notice the little LOVE earrings and buttons, and the sparkly stickers.  She is really into all things peace-sign related (what goes around comes around, right?!) so I picked up an iron-on tee-shirt transfer for her that's a peace sign made of hearts.  And of course, you probably remember that little notepad?


Because kids shouldn't have all the fun, I made Heather (their mom, my BFF... are you following this?!) a goody bag too.  I filled it with some cupcake accessories since she's my partner in baking crime, some heavenly chocolates, and you can't see well in the picture but the packaged notepad and pen says something along the lines of "I'm only as strong as the coffee I drink and the hairspray I use"  Love it!


Lily's bag was the biggest.  She's (almost) two, and I'm hoping she can use it as a toy sack or something afterwards.  I picked her up this cute Valentines-y, cupcake tee from Old Navy.  Adorable!


The bag HAD to be big so that it could hold this friend... remember Ruby Bear?  (I love how I titled that post "Ruby Bear Part 1" and part 2 never came!!!)


Yup, I finally finished Ruby!  She's not perfect - but she's one of the ONLY things I've ever knit that isn't a scarf!  And although her features aren't perfect, and my increases are too loose, and she's a little fuzzy because the yarn has some acrylic in it... I think she has a certain charm, don't you agree?

And finally... I received a little gift of my own in the mail this weekend.  I won a contest last week over at Marie's place (I never win anything!  Yikes!) and got this little bundle of love sent to me.  Thanks, Marie!  And check out the darling stamped tag... a woman after my own heart I swear!  : )


Happy Valentines Day, friends!  


Gabrielle @ i.craft said...

Wow look at all the love going on over there! Love it!

French Picnic said...

Tres belle!

Vicki ~ FL said...

I love Ruby, she's adorable and because she is handmade with love a few flaws (that only you notice)make her who she is.

Maiden Jane said...

Wow Joanne, your gifts are impressive! How thoughtful you are to make the bags and fill them with such neat things. The bear is absolutely adorable! I'm tempted to make him! See, you are advancing on your knitting - I've never made a bear! Next - cabled sweaters!

Also, love the cards from your swap. So much creativity - I need to tap into some...lately I feel dry.

M.E. Greene said...

Yay! I totally missed this post. Glad you got the goodies :) And the bear is adorable!

What type of thing do you want to knit next? Something to wear? A sweater, perhaps? socks? Let me know and I'll help you find a great project. (Hey, maybe a purse or bag? You could knit my Pressed Flowers bag!)