Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ruby Bear - Part One

I finally got the confidence to start another knit project!  As you know... it took me FOREVER to grasp knitting, and now that I (kind of) know what I'm doing I've had problems deviating from scarfs!  In fact, the only knitting projects I've actually completed successfully (in chronological order) are...
... and the majority of these, as you can see, are scarves!!!

So I've started working on the Ruby Bear, a free pattern from Premier Yarns...

Cute, no?  I love it!  After messing around with different needles and yarns to no avail (note to self, patterns generally give you yarn and needle size guidelines for a reason, ha!) I finally got going on it (with the original yarn, but size 10 needles instead of size 9 because that's what I had!)

I've knit up the body (far left) so far (haven't stuffed it yet obviously) and I'm working on the head.  It's actually going pretty smoothly so far.

As you can see, I'm knitting on straight needles, that's all I know how to do!  A lot of the cute patterns I come across are knit on either circulars or DPN's... any of you knitters out there care to...

a) enlighten me about those two types of needles

b) point me toward some good websites or videos to teach me how to use them, or

c) direct me to some good beginning patterns (read:  easy) using each?

(Yup, I'm taking to YOU, Meg and Marie!)

Stay tuned for more updates on Ruby!  I'm hoping to finish her up over the weekend and post to her next week.  Wouldn't that be fun?  On a side note, while investigating Ruby I came across this adorable crochet pattern...

Aaaaah!  The pigs are so cute!  (side bar - I totally went through a phase as a kid where I loved pigs and collected anything to do with them.  Random!)  I bookmarked the pattern of course, even though I have no idea how to crochet...   : )


M.E. Greene said...

Knitting! Yippee! I'm so happy to find out that you're a knitter, too. Let's see... dpn's are great for small things like bear faces and socks and mittens. Circulars are lovely for sweaters and shawls and other items that are either knit in the round, or are just too darn heavy to hold on straight needles. This site has lots of videos for beginners, and I'm not sure but I'd imagine they have videos to show how to use various needles: Also, have you ever looked at my sock-a-long? It's in the sidebar of my blog under "Freebies". There is a photo of the sock at all the phases of the process and it's shown on dpn's so you can see how they operate. Can't wait to see your sweet little bear come to life! :)

French Picnic said...

Handmade teddy bears are PEAR-fect! French Picnic loves it.

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

That bear is so adorable! Good for you for branching out past scarves! Circulars and DPN's are both ways to knit in the round, in other words if you are knitting socks, mittens, hats you don't need to knit them flat and seam them. Which one you use is sometimes preference other times it's the size of the piece you're knitting. It's really hard to knit something as small as a sock on a circular because even the smallest one would be too long. On the other hand- you can't knit something big like sweater on DPN's.

Here are some videos on using both circular and DPN's.

Some other photo only instructions on using DPN's

And some on circulars

It takes some practice and seems really awkward at first- but you'll get it!

Gabrielle said...

How wonderful! I love that bear and how brave of you to tackle it!!! I can't wait to see it. As for me, I'll just keep cutting up wool sweaters to make things! :)

Maiden Jane said...

Watch out! You're never going to stop! That bear is really cute...I have never knit a toy but find myself drawn to them lately and that bear is adorable in red! (I guess V-day, duh!)

I don't know specific web sites - there is tons of info out there. The books I like the best are Sally Melville's Knit Stich and Purl Stitch. There are simple but nice projects that teach you different skills - with lots of photos.

Anyway, we will watch as you succeed and cast on for project after project (and maybe not finish some, like us...because you have to start a new one!)

Thanks for stopping by to check out the ice rink!

Regina said...

What a wonderful happy I found you (fellow SITSta) I am an ooaks (clay & needle felt)artist and would so love to try my hand at knitting. Your lil Bear is going to be adorable. I LOVE Bears..have been collecting them for years..even still have my first Bear.(Grandmother bought him when I was 6 months old..humm I think he is an antique now..LOL)

I think with your help and some of your other followers Imight just pick up some needles and give it a try.


Joanne said...

You girls are the BEST! Can't wait to check out all of those links! Keep 'em coming!

And welcome, Regi!

Paula said...

That bear is so cute! I wish I knew how to knit!

Caroline said...

Can't wait to see her! I love the yarn you've chosen!!