Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh, Baby!

 This post goes out to sweet Arwen, who recently had a darling baby boy of her own, and who dropped me a note last week looking for some baby shower gift ideas.  Hi, Arwen!   

Arwen's note was actually quite timely, because I'm soon going to be getting started working on some baby shower "stuff" for one of my dearest friends Meg (who's expecting a baby girl this summer)... so I'm in need of some ideas myself!  I'm going to be working on Meg's shower's centerpieces and favors... and of course I'll be working on creating some handmade gifts for her as well.

To get going on my projects, and get into the baby frame of mind, I did a little research and thought I'd share with you some resources from around the blogosphere... some of them I've known about for awhile and some that are brand new to me.  I'm hoping they'll help BOTH Arwen and I's creative juices flowing! 

Check out the baby shower section over at Kara's Party Ideas... her attention to detail in everything from Dr. Suess to Tractor themed showers is amazing!

There are some absolutely beautiful showers and gift ideas in the baby shower section at Design Dazzle (not to mention wonderful baby and kids room decorating ideas as well!)

The always outstanding One Pretty Thing has baby shower roundups with all kinds of projects here, here, here, here, here, and finally here... theme ideas as well as gifts to make!

And a new site to me, Hostess Blog has a baby shower section just full of ideas, themes, and more!

Handmade gifts I've personally given in the past include knitted baby hats, appliqued onesies, and fleece blankets, but I'm ready to expand my repertoire!  You can expect to hear lots about baby showers and shower gifts from me in the next few months... and maybe we can get Arwen to share what she decides to create as well?!

Tell me, friends, do you have any gift ideas for baby?  Or shower ideas?  Leave me (and Arwen!) a note (include a link if you have ideas on your blog) below and share your creativity!  I'd love to hear your ideas!
Photos are of shower favors I made for my darling, darling friend Heather's baby shower almost two years ago now.


TeenaBugg38 said...

Yayyy I'm first!! A friend of mine made some super sweet diaper cakes for her sisters shower....the theme was circus and she really went all out. I wish i had photos to show you but just google or look on youtube and you will find lots of cute ideas. Also another cute idea comes from someone's blog I follow....she recently made the cutest shower invites for her can see them here.... have a great day!

LollyChops said...

I have some ideas so I'll be writing to you this weekend!

HUGS Joanne!

M.E. Greene said...

It's been ages since I had any part in a baby shower, so I'm a bit rusty. Seems as if I saw somewhere (maybe SCS?) that someone made the cutest little paper baby shoes as party favors. Perhaps filled with candies? And what about little invitations that are made of paper, but cut to the shape of a folded diaper? I bet that's on SCS, too. :)

Maiden Jane said...

The gift I have made for the most babies has been basic flannel quilts. I cut 144 squares, can't remember the size, but about 4" squares and made a basic patchwork - backed it with batting and flannel - bound it with quilt binding and hand-tied it with yarn. They were always so cute and most useful. I'd throw it on the floor and lay the babies on it. They were easily washed. My daughter grew attached to hers and has a few remnants left that we have sewn together. She keeps it under her pillow!

TeenaBugg38 said...

Me again! I mentioned diaper cakes this morning....check this out...also on Ferns blog.....WOW!!!