Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Who doesn't love giving or receiving a gift?  I've been so lucky in the past few days to receive a couple.  This unexpected, lovely, package arrived on my doorstep from my dear friend over at Steinway Street...

You may remember that she won my blogiversary giveaway back in January?  Well she put together a little thank you gift using her "winnings" - isn't that sweet?

I love the butterflies stamped on the brown wrapping paper.  So pretty.

She made me a birthday book - and it's so completely clever and unique!

Inside there are tabs and pages for all of my friends and family - each person gets a page.  As I think about birthday gift or project ideas for a specific person, I write them down on their page.  So clever!

There's even a little pocket in which to keep receipts!

Thank you so much, Abs!  What a darling gift and so creative!  I love it!

Now, my other gift may make me a bit of a dork.  But I have seriously wanted one of these for FOREVER...

Yup, I'm awesome.  Stop laughing and hear me out!!!

I am the slowest coffee drinker of all time - seriously.  I am constantly having to suffer through lukewarm coffee or run downstairs to reheat - to only forget about it in the microwave.  It's such a pain!  I've been casually dropping hints to my family and friends about how much better life would be with a mug warmer for some time now - and hubs finally caved in and made it happen!

As I sit here typing my mug warmer is next to me with a perfectly warm cup of coffee sitting atop it.  I'm one happy girl.

Have you given/received any sweet gifts lately?


Gabrielle @ i.craft said...

I love the tabs on the notebook! Oh and the warming plate...nice! I had one in college, loved it! I think need one!

Caroline said...

I've always wanted a coffee warmer!! I think that is a fantastic gift and great for hot chocolate, chai latte, tea--you name it. :)

Maiden Jane said...

How neat! I love presents too!

AVinNYC said...

I'm glad you liked the book- I had a blast playing with all the fun goodies you sent me ages ago! :)