Monday, June 21, 2010

June Cupkins Double Whammy: Part 2

Welcome back to CUPKINS, a collaboration between Meg at Mega•Crafty and I.  Each month, Meg shares a muffin recipe and I share a cupcake recipe with the same theme.  This month, we're giving you a double whammy of Cupkins!  We shared some Father's Day ideas with you at the beginning of the month, and today we've got some July 4th goodies to share with you!

Red, White & Blue Cupcakes!

First off, color and roll out some fondant in both blue and red.  You can get pre-made fondant by Wilton at Michael's, JoAnn's, etc.  Using a star fondant or cookie cutter, cut out stars in both colors in a variety of sizes... (make sure to use lots of powdered sugar when rolling and cutting to prevent sticking)

To remove excess powdered sugar once cut out, lightly spritz fondant with butter flavored cooking spray, and wipe gently.  This will give your fondant and nice, clean, sheen.

Then, using edible glitter (again, from JoAnn's etc - made by Wilton) give your stars a little glitz!  Use a small brush dipped in water to wet the stars, then sprinkle with the glitter and set aside to dry.
  Look at that sparkle!

Meanwhile, mix up a batch of vanilla cupcake batter and separate into three bowls.  Leave one bowl white, then tint the other two red and blue.

Using an ice cream scoop with a lever, layer each color into cupcake liners until about three quarters full.

Back and cool.  Look at those colors!

Pipe a swirl of white frosting and decorate with your sparkly stars.  Garnish with red, white and blue sprinkles or sugars, and ENJOY!

So simple - but sure to get a "Wow!" at any July 4th get-together!  Happy cupcaking, folks!

Now hop on over to Meg's place (click on the Cupkins logo below!) to check out her July 4th muffins!


AVinNYC said...

I love those sparkly stars- so festive!

M.E. Greene said...

Your cupkins always make me happy! :) They are so cheerful. I've always felt that muffins (and/or cupcakes) are the very best sort of food. Something about making it miniature, hand-held, and wrapping it in a cute package makes just about any food seem memorable.