Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Fun Crayons

Many of you may have made melted crayons in cake pans before, but here's a fun and summery twist on the old standard...

I've picked up several of these cheapo $1 ice cube trays from the dollar store - in all shapes and sizes. For this project, I used one with sea and beach shapes.

I broke up some crayons (if you have kids - I'm sure you already have lots of broken crayons laying around!) and put them in the molds.

I then microwaved the entire mold for 30 seconds at a time until the crayons melted...

IMPORTANT NOTE! Do NOT put mold in oven. Don't even think about it! These dollar store finds are plastic, not silicone, and will melt. Just trust me on this one... : )

Once the crayons have melted, allow to reset, then gently pry out of molds.

Hooray! Summer fun crayons! : )


Meg@MegaCrafty said...

What a great project! I've made these melted crayons before many times but never thought of using these trays as molds.

Great idea!

Lindsey Wolfe said...

I'm totally going to go buy those just for the ice cubes for Logan's birthday beach party! ha! awesome!

Joanne said...

Thanks, Meg! I'm such a big kid - I love all things crayon - and these turned out really fun!

And Lindsey - these sound like they will be PERFECT for your party! Sure hope you're going to post pictures - it sounds darling!