Friday, July 10, 2009

Christmas Tree? FAIL!

So I have this idea in my head that I'd like to make Christmas ornaments for friends and family as gifts this year. Yes, yes, I understand it's only July - but with all kinds of "Christmas in July" things floating around the blogosphere - I started giving it some serious thought.

Since I've been feeling rather felt-y lately I had this great picture in my head of a felted Christmas tree ornament embellished with sequins and ribbon. So off I went, and here's what I ended up with...

Hm... not so satisfied. Not at ALL! It was sooooo tricky to hand sew - hard to stuff (so many little nooks and crannies!) and I couldn't get the sequins glued on without glue gun stringy messy residue getting on my felt to save my life. Grrr!

So it's a GOOD thing it's only July, right? Time to go back to the drawing board. The ornament is actually really quite similar to some that I remember my Mum making for a craft show when I was a kid. I can't for the life of me remember if she hand sewed them or machine sewed them? I'm thinking that machine sewing them would be WAY easier and neater. That is, once I actually learn to machine sew... : )

And in other crafty fails - Heather and I attempted our second batch of Bakerella's cupcake pops yesterday. We made the first batch for Lily's Cupcake Party back in May - and while they weren't perfect by any means - they weren't bad for a first attempt. Well... the second batch sucked. Plain and simple. Pretty much everything that could went wrong did! But we will not let the cupcake pops get the better of us - you'll hear about them again I promise!

Happy Friday, Crafters!


Alison said...

I think it's cute! I would proudly hang it on my Christmas tree :-)

Joanne said...

Oh you're sweet! I promise that anything you receive for your tree will be WAY cooler though! :)