Friday, July 17, 2009


I needed to whip up a few cards for family and friends - there are all kinds of thanks that need to go out, and anniversaries, babies, and birthday's that need to be acknowledged right now!

Now when I say "whip up" cards - it actually makes me laugh out loud - because I'm far from being able to "whip up" a card. I get SO frustrated when making cards! I'm not as skilled and practiced as all of those crazy scrapbookers with their brilliant techniques and unique embellishments, and I don't have a lot of the snazzy machines and materials that would help me become that way. Although I must say I'm SO wanting a die-cutting machine...

I tried to keep things simple, as you can see from these cards. I've found some really beautiful papers that I think stand well by themselves without too much added to them (because I don't know how!) and used just simple backing and layering techniques.

I also used a circle hole punch in several sizes, and some rubber stamps. Instead of using an ink pad with the stamps I used washable markers to color them with - allowing me to stamp multiple colors at once (hence the little bird.)

Perfect or not, I think it's always nice to receive a card that's handmade - don't you?


AVinNYC said...

Pretty cards- and I agree that getting something handmade is such a treat!! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog- we really should get together sometime. I don't suppose you'll be near Elk Rapids at all this week? ;) But I'll come back again in the fall, so hopefully we can work something out. OR, maybe you and your hubby can come to NYC- I love playing tour guide! ;)

Shalet said...

I think those look great! Happy crafting!

Joanne said...

Aw, thanks ladies!

Abs - too bad Elk Rapids is more than two hours from me... :( When will you next be in MI?