Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Windy City

Hubs and I got out of town last week for a (very) belated wedding anniversary trip, and to spend a couple of days together before the madness of fall sets in.  I say madness affectionately, because I love fall and all of the holidays that follow it - but this one is sure to be busy.  I'm writing my thesis, hubs has lots going on at work, I have six (count them, six!) friends who are pregnant and expecting their babies starting in November and going through April, and I'm already looking forward to football parties (emphasis on the party, not so much on the football), apple-picking and pumpkin carving that fall brings with it.

Our trip was much needed, and a lot of fun.  We stayed just off the Magnificent Mile and did plenty of shopping, sightseeing, eating, and walking (hopefully the latter two items canceled each other out!)  We even took a trip over to Shedd Aquarium.  Other than a brief afternoon trip to see the show Wicked back in 2007 I hadn't spent any time in Chicago since my friend Meg's (hi, Meg!) bachelorette party back in 2005.  This alone seems a little silly, since we're just a couple hours drive away from the city.

We took the commuter train into Chicago - a little longer of a trip but you can't beat $8 train tickets, not having to park or pay to park, and being able to relax and enjoy the ride.  We ate burgers at Chef Marcus Samuelssons "Marc Burger" at Macy's (he won Top Chef Masters) and had a lovely dinner at Chef Art Smith's "Table Fifty-Two" (former chef to Oprah - yes, I obviously have a thing for celebrity chefs!) and just enjoyed spending so QT together.

I hope that you all had the opportunity to enjoy your loved ones this summer, whether home or away.  I'll be here all week doing some summer recaps, Ready, Set, Craft! style while I get into fall-mode.  Happy end of summer, everyone!

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Maiden Jane said...

Guess where I am heading this weekend??? Love Chi-town! My visit will be a whirlwind to take my daughter to a couple colleges and then to the ND/MI game in South Bend!