Thursday, September 30, 2010

(kind of weak) Month in Review: September

Usually when I put together month-in-review posts, I'm amazed at how much crafting has taken place during the month - even when it seemed like not much at the time.  September was busy - I came off a bit of a summer blogging hiatus - so when it came to putting together this month's review I was excited to see what I'd accomplished.  Well, folks - it's not a lot!  Not compared to other months at least!  Ah well, sometimes there's lots of time to craft and sometimes there isn't - guess this just wasn't my month!

Here's a recap, nonetheless, of a few projects from Ready, Set, Craft! during the month of September:

There was a lot of baby stuff going on, from cards to baby bibs to packaging.  Oh, and a great guest post for a diaper wet bag by Arwen!

There was some card marking this month.  I've loved all of my stamping workshops and togethers over the past month.  Thanks to hostesses Sue and Lindsey, and to everyone who came out to stamp a stacks and workshops.  So much fun!

There was a special box for a special little guy...

And of course a month can't go by on Ready, Set, Craft! without some cupcakes!  We celebrated the 1st Anniversary of the Cupkins project and I made some Michigan State football themed cupcakes!

For more info on any of these projects (and more!) head to the September archives... --------------------->

What about you, reader?  How has your crafty mojo been lately?  Was September a productive month for you?  Or are you ready to start fresh in October?


Maiden Jane said...

I think it's the quality not the quantity. I can't believe how fast this month zipped by - it truly did for me. (Do I sound like an old woman???) Fortunately I've been able to reclaim my sewing mojo after the turmoil of summer with four kids. I am still not as disciplined about my day as I'd like. We've had a gloomy, wet stretch of 5 days that is bringing me down. The sun always motivates me!

angelina la dawn said...

you've always got so many projects going! you put me to shame, my friend.

LollyChops said...

What a lovely month you had filled with so many fabulous projects! Thanks for sharing your lovely creations!

rachel said...

i could have used all of your lovely baby cards and wrapping this summer! so many babies to knit for lately. your creations are gorgeous (as always)!

titancia said...

My craft mojo has been gone recently, but I'm starting out October fairly well! I just started a craft today and am hoping to give a few more things a shot before the month is out. I am hoping to start working on some Christmas gifts soon!