Friday, September 3, 2010

Get Well Soon, Caleb!

My dear friend Cindy's two-year old little boy, Caleb, is having surgery today, and although I'm out of town all this week (which is why I have been a complete blog slacker, by the way!) I was sure to put together a little get better box for him before I left.

I used a Sterilite tub (just a couple of bucks at Meijer, and sturdy to last a long time!) and created the lid design using some simple stickers.

In the box was the art apron I created for a Babble article last month - you may remember it... it's a super cute little thing perfect for arts and crafts, or helping Mom in the kitchen!

Also in the box... some playdoh, a coloring book and crayons, stickers, and a cool little toy truck.

I'm thinking about Caleb and his parents today!  Please send good juju their way for an easy surgery and quick recovery!

Get Well Soon, Caleb!

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Maiden Jane said...

You are such a nice, thoughtful, creative, clever gal!