Monday, August 10, 2009

Chairs with FLAIR!

This makes for two posts in very quick succession, but I'm so thrilled about these chairs that I just had to share - immediately! Because I tackled this project in the evening and HAD to post them RIGHT NOW, the photos aren't the best - the chairs are even MORE fabulous in good light I swear!

BEFORE (old, stained, plain-jane seatcovers)

AFTER (sassy, coordinating chairs with FLAIR!)

This was amazingly easy. All I did was unscrew the chair seats, and use a heavy-duty staple gun to wrap and staple new decorators fabric right over the existing fabric pulling tightly and tucking as I went around.

I found this Amy Butler print on super sale for just $9.95 a yard. One yard covered both chairs with a good amount left over to add to my stash.

I'm SO thrilled with the result, I'm off to see what else in my house needs a re-covering makeover!


Cynthia said...

These look awesome! Caleb's shirt turned out perfect, can't wait to show you!

AVinNYC said...

Wow- looks great!

Kari Sweeten said...

Hi Joanne!
Just wanted to send a reminder of the Ucreate giveaway you won! link:
Just email me your email addy so Brassy Apple can send you your apron pattern! Thanks!!