Monday, August 31, 2009

Appliqued Baby Onesie Tutorial

I got to work on my sewing machine this weekend and appliqued some onesies using this darling turtle fabric I found at my local fabric store.

It's a relatively quick and easy way to dress up a onesie, tee shirt, tank top, or any other item of clothing you look, and I was really pleased with my results. I hope that you enjoy the tutorial!

Appliqued Turtle Onesie

Select the item to applique, wash and press.

Cut a swatch of your fabric containing the pieces you want to applique. It doesn't have to look pretty! Make sure that your fabric has been washed and pressed.

Cut a piece of "No Sew" transfer paper the same size as your fabric swatch.

Iron fabric and "No Sew" together (rough side of "No Sew" to back side of fabric)

Allow to cool, then cut out your appliques.

Peel off the back of the "No Sew" to reveal smooth side.

Place appliques on garment and iron on per "No Sew" instructions

Once cooled, position garment and sew, slowly, around the outside, stopping frequently to reposition and turn garment as needed.

Once removed from sewing machine, you will have unfinished threads in the front of the garment.

Carefully sew threads through to the other side.

Sew threads underneath machine stitches carefully, then trim off ends. If you wish - use some "No Fray" to secure ends.

The finished back side will look like this!

Ta da! You're done! How do you like my super cute turtle onesie?


Katie said...

How cute!! What a great idea. :)

Arwen said...

Too cute! When I see things like that, I have to physcially restrain myself from busting out the debit card and buying everything in sight! :)

Craft Passion said...

This is cute!!!! What a brilliant idea to make a fast applique!!! Happy sewing with your lovely sewing machine, I am sure going to see more of your sewing projects soon!!!!