Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh Martha (and your team of super crafty staffers), you're SO clever!

I've got to admit, I'm a bit of a magazine junkie.  Anything glossy with good photography and I'm hooked.  Considering my recent lull in crafty productivity due in equal parts to the craft studio re-do and a cold/flu/sinus something or other I'm fighting, I was EXTRA excited to get Martha in the mail yesterday.

Now, no matter your personal opinions of Martha, you've got to love the stuff that her team comes up with.  I can't, for example, tolerate Martha's TV show for more than five minutes at a time, but I sure do love me some LIVING Magazine.

I always get sucked in by the covers... and February's issue was no exception...

Actually, my favorite part of this cover was the fact that, with my limited cake decorating experience (remember the cake class debacle?) I could so do this!  You just use a shell tip to create the hearts.  Nice!

You can imagine my excitement then, when I opened up to find these adorable chocolate filigree hearts.  Love!  You just may see them here again in the future!

This idea is so simple but so clever.  Using large mailing labels to create bookplates.  Wouldn't it be fun to do this with a fun kid-friendly stamp set with kids to label all of their books?  Great idea!

And this new take on a "box of chocolates" is clever.  Arranging candy filled heart-shaped cookie cutters in a box to wrap and give?  So fun!  I wonder how well everything would stay put if you even picked up the box to hand it to someone?  Seems like you might have candy all over the place, no?

And as if all those warm and fuzzy Valentines-ish ideas weren't enough eye candy (ha ha, candy, Valentines, I'm hilarious!) the magazine also had a beautiful photo spread of glass cake stands... which I ALWAYS oogle in antiques stores.  Sooo pretty!


Congratulations Martha, (and your hard working staff members who don't get half the credit or half the $$$ you do!) you've done it again!  I now have even MORE new projects to add to my crafty to-do list!


Meg@MegaCrafty said...

Can't wait to get my copy- I love the visuals and ideas in MSL. Those filigree hearts- I hope I see them again. Love em!

Maiden Jane said...

I love Martha - her creations are gorgeous. I've used many of her ideas as gifts over the years and they are always well received. A class act!

The Local Cook said...

As gorgeous as those all are, I never seem to get around to doing anything crafty.

Gabrielle said...

I love these ideas. I love them!!!

Have a PEAR-fect day!

Chic Mommy said...

Im thinking I might have to subscribe to this magazine as well. Last year I had a parenting magazine so this year I need something different. I love mags too...Im hooked

Caroline said...

Totally agree! Like you said, no matter what you think of Martha Stewart personally, she and her team have flawless taste and since the inception of the magazine they have been consistent with their sense of style.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

HAHA! I finally get to comment on this post. Check this project out:


It was SUPER easy and fun and it made adorable cake stands!



Joanne said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one a little gaga for Martha mags! :)