Thursday, September 10, 2009

PJ Pants Phase Two & Labor Day Sale

Have you been just dying for an update on the PJ pants?! : )

Well... after a slight mishap...

(Oops! One leg is inside out!)

I finished them! I actually got them done mid-week last week and have been holding out for a picture of me in them before I posted. Ta Da!

Now, there are certainly some things I would do differently. For instance, the waist to crotch measurement is really long. I'd definitely take some more fabric off the waist and make the waist to crotch shorter if I made them again. I think I might try the size smaller actually. I like big and comfy pants but these are pretty large.

As I was working on constructing these pants I was awed by how much I have picked up throughout life from my mother - the sewing queen - without even realizing! I knew exactly how to put the elastic through the waistband because I had watched her thread elastic through hair scrunchies for me a million times when I was a little girl. So many little things came easier than I think they would have if I'd never been around sewing before.

So now that the PJ pants are done it's off to other things! I've already completed a little home decor project that I'll be posting later today...

This past weekend JoAnn Fabrics had a CRAZY sale for Labor Day! I HAD to check it out of course! Here's what I came back with...

Would you believe me if I told you that all of this cost me just $20? No joke. $20 even! The patterns were on sale for $1.99, the notions were buy one get one free, and flannel was on sale for 50% off! Score!

I purchased some cutsie kiddo flannel to make some PJ pants for the little ones in my life for Christmas gifts. What do you think?

I hope that you're all having a wonderful week! Check back soon for more sewing, cupcaking, stamping, and Halloween goodness!

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