Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bite Sized Snacks

There's nothing cuter to me than "tiny" food. Perfect for small, informal gatherings, bite-sized versions of "regular" food are perfect for eating with your fingers.

Check out the mini lemon cupcakes topped with vanilla frosting and yellow sugar. Wilton makes a mini cupcake pan and most cupcake recipes translate just fine to the smaller pan - just keep a close eye on them because they won't bake for nearly as long!

For the mini brownies, I used the same mini-cupcake pan but instead of cupcake liners, I greased the pan with a healthy spritz of PAM. Divide your batter evenly - and remember that brownies don't rise the same way that cupcakes do - so fill each almost all the way to the top.

And it doesn't have to end there! You can go bite sized with non-baked goods as well! Think sliders, mini hotdogs, mini pizzas (use English muffins instead of dough!) and tiny quiche bites using teeny puff pastry pre-made pie shells.

Finger food is fun to make and looks adorable on the table. Try it for your next gathering!

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AVinNYC said...

Oooh- so cute and yummy!