Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Crafts for Kids

My latest article "Halloween Crafts for Kids" is up today over at - head HERE to check it out, and be sure to spend some time getting crafty with YOUR kids this Halloween!


Katiesflowerpens said...

You have so many cool things on your site. I love it all!! The pumpkin with the spiders is kinda creepy though, but I guess that's the point of Halloween. :) You should check out my website to see the flowerpens I create.

Unknown said...

Cute! That would be a perfect Halloween craft to make along with our child. Anyway, I am also planning to make pumpkin theme hair clips for my daughter.

EditorK said...

Your craft ideas are great- love the flower pot candy bowls! You might be interested in some of the easy Halloween craft ideas we've found: