Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas, Kitties!

Gah!  Where did the day go?!  It's 7:00pm and I'm just getting around to posting.  Are you feeling the Christmas scramble, too?  I bet you are!  Thank you sooo much for popping by today, especially with life being so busy for all of us right now.  I truly appreciate it!  And now on to today's project...

Who says the feline friends in your life don't deserve a little Christmas lovin' too?  As a cat-lover and kitty mama to two (plus kitten fosters on occasion) I wanted to whip up a little something for my furbabies, and to give as gifts to fellow cat-parents.

These catnip stuffed kitten toys were really fun to make - and are a good way to use up scraps of felt that you have in your stash.

Felt Cat Toys

Felt scraps
Sewing machine and thread (or you could hand sew these if you wanted to...)
Jingle bells
Polyfil stuffing


How to:

Create a template (I chose a fish!) from cardboard and cut out.  Pin to felt and cut TWO of your shapes per cat toy... you can stack two sheets of felt together to speed up this process and cut out two at a time.

Sew around the outline of the shape, leaving a small seam that can be trimmed later.  Leave one end of the toy open for stuffing.

Fill half full with stuffing, add a couple of generous pinches of catnip and two jingle bells.  Top off with more stuffing until firmly packed.

Sew the opening closed, and trim off loose ends.

Trim around the shape as needed / desired... and you're done!


And the final step?  Let your kitty ENJOY!!!

PS... please forgive the TERRIBLE lighting in these photos!  Things are so busy around here that crafting is taking place waaaay later in the day - and there's just no hope of good light in the craft studio after dark!  


Meg@MegaCrafty said...

Lucky Kitties! I am totally feeling the holiday stresssssss too!

LollyChops said...

Very very cute Joanne!!!

I cannot wait for my doggies to open their presents on Christmas morning!

Vone said...

I wish I saw this earlier but I'm not going out now to buy bells and catnip. Very cute idea.

AVinNYC said...

How CUTE!!!