Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tons of Tulle & Happy Easter - MSCE April Days 11 & 12

Happy belated Easter! I hope that everyone enjoyed good food, and great times with family and friends. We had a great weekend - and now it's over I definitely have a case of the Monday's!

On Saturday I worked on costume designs for the preschool ballet students in the June dance recital. There are five classes of preschoolers, and each class is going to be representing a flower (the ballet portion of the recital theme, if you remember, is "Secret Garden.") All of the preschool classes will be wearing pink leotards, with this skirt...

(far left)

The petals will be made from satin and the bottom layers of the skirt from tulle. Since tulle was on sale this weekend I had to make some quick decisions about which flowers which class would be, and what colors they needed. Mum and I got to work, and off I went to JoAnn's to pick up the tulle!

JoAnn's was QUITE the experience. I was at the cutting center for over a half hour, and everyone else in the store thought I was INSANE. I purchased more than 100 yards of tulle!

Here's what we came up with...




Cherry Blossoms

and Bluebells

Now we have to pick out matching satins for the petals. I know for sure that the daffodils are going to have orange petals to represent the trumpet of the daffodil.

While Mum will be doing the sewing (I'll be doing the cutting!) my project will be hairpieces for each class. For the preschool flower classes I'm thinking something like these...

Only trouble is I have zero experience making anything like this - and I have a feeling they could be tougher than they look. Has anyone made anything like this before? Or do you have other ideas for flower pieces I could make for their hair with faux flowers? I am absolutely taking suggestions! (Keep in mind I have to make 50 for the preschoolers alone, so they need to be relatively easy to mass produce!)

On Sunday we dyed eggs : ) Better late than never, right? This was my FIRST TIME EVER. I grew up in England, and we don't really get down with dying eggs there, so this was a first for me. I had aspirations of doing lots of cool dyed eggs using different techniques but time got away from me and Trav and I had fun with a cheapo boxed kit from the store, and some paint tape! I have big plans for next year though... and will get an early start!

The hubby isn't a huge egg dying fan, but he was a good sport and after showing me HOW to do it (remember, it was my first time!) he dyed one egg himself. Can you guess which one is his?

Happy Monday, folks!


RootsAndWingsCo said...

I love your ideas on your preschool dancer's costumes! I have a little one who will be in her second recital this June. I love the costumes, but they are so expensive! Ours are $65 and up, each! They have 2 Yours look like they'll be adorable. I really love dancers at that age. Soooooo cute!

Unknown said...

Hello - found your blog while searching for dresses that are in the above picture. I see a barcode on the picture? is that from a particular pattern and if so, can you pass along the pattern maker, name and pattern #. Been searching all over for a pattern for the tulle skirts with petals in them.

Thank you!

Joanne said...

Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca! Yes, dance costumes ARE expensive, which is why for our (fairly new) dance program we rolled a very small costume fee into the registration fee and aren't charging anything additional for costumes. My mother and I are making all 95 of them! It's going to be a fun project!

Marissa, the pattern is Butterick 6660. Good luck! Be sure to stop back by and share photos of your skirts if you make them!

AVinNYC said...

Hi Joanne;
Your projects always look like SO much fun! I'm so glad you're doing well- good luck with those CUTE floral headbands! :)