Friday, April 3, 2009

Make Something Cool Every Day in April -- Days 3, 4 and 5

What MSCE has taught me so far is to realize the creative things I do every day - even when I don't realize it! I've been working a lot with kids lately, teaching classes and encouraging creativity. I'm working on projects without even realizing it - and sharing art and crafts with kids is not only rewarding, but great fun!

On Friday - MCSE Day 3 - I worked with a group of elementary school students at the YMCA. We made flower pens. These are super quick and easy, fun to make, and perfect for gifts. I have a tutorial coming for them later in the week.

The same afternoon, I headed over to the Cook Library Center to work with the kids there. We made handprint lily flowers, to be given to some of our donors at a luncheon this week. The kids were so focused! Find the how-to at Family Fun HERE.

On Saturday - MCSE Day 4 - I hosted an all-day Bachelorette Party for my dear friend Alison and our first stop of the day was at "Paint Your Masterpiece" - a paint your own pottery studio in Lambertville, MI. We each painted a dessert plate for Alison - which she will get to keep. We used the same color palette, but were free to do whatever we want.

I used flower stamps on a sponged background. We also painted personal messages on the back of each of our plates.

I was exhaused on Sunday - MCSE Day 5 - from all of the weekend festivities, but the crafty work continued! My mother and I (who is a fabulous costumer and seamstress) are making the costumes for a dance recital at the YMCA. We have almost 100 girls to costume! They are providing their own tights, shoes, and leotard - and we are making the rest - on a very limited budget.

We headed to JoAnn Fabrics to get started with patterns and fabrics. The theme of the ballet portion of the recital is "Secret Garden" and we're going to work with these patterns for the most part, in a variety of colors and patterns...

(top left corner, no wings)

(far left)

(top three)

I'm working with my dance instructors to determine thematic colors and elements for each class, and then we'll get to work!

Phew - what a long post! If you made it all the way through - great job! Thanks for reading! : )


Vone said...

I'm also doing MSCE and I've realized the same thing. I do something everday but just don't post about them all.
I thought 7 bridesmaid dresses was a lot but 100 costumes - wow, good luck :)

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

Love the flower pens, so cute! Wow a 100 costumes.... you are amazing! I'm loving the MSCE April- It's really made me both realize that i do crafty things everyday and also that I need to pay more attention to just being creative and recognize that it should have a place in my life each day.

Joanne said...

Vone - thanks for stopping by! And to you both - yes, 100 costumes is a TON! My mom will have the most work to do, she'll be doing the sewing while I do all the cutting out. SHE is amazing! I'll also be working on the headbands and hair accessories for the girls. You can be CERTAIN that I'll have another post or five about these costumes as we go along... :)

Craftpassion said...

Wow, this is fun!!! I think the kids were having lots of fun by doing all these flower decorations.
You and your mum are fabulous!!! I will go flat if I was asked to make 100 costumes. Good luck!!!