Friday, July 2, 2010

Quick Slip

The couches in our living room are old.  I mean - Travis had them in his (gulp!) college house of dudes and his parents had them in their home before that, old.  They've done their time!  On the plus side, they're super comfy.  But on the other side of things - they're not looking so hot.  Have definitely seen some better days!

When we bought our home I bought some cheapo silpcovers from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Why I bought cream I have no idea.  Not only do they look a lot like paint sheets covering the chairs - but they also pick up an insane amount of dog hair (chocolate lab, remember?!)

Anyhoo - before my sewing days Mum made us some throw pillows, and they break up the "paint sheet" look a little, but I still need to get on making some more to fill out the couch.

Since the slipcovers were cheap, awhile ago the ties fell victim to overuse and many of them ripped off.  My couches sat naked and yucky looking for months until finally, in a moment of clarity, I remembered that now that I can sew... I could fix this problem!

Mum had given me the extra fabric from the two year old pillows some time ago, so I cut, sewed and pressed some new ties, and sewed them onto the slipcovers.  Not only are the covers now functional again, but they've got just a tad more color to them!

Now... how hard do you think it would be to sew slipcovers from scratch?  In a non-cream color?  :)


Maiden Jane said...

Very cute Joanne! I have never sewn a slipcover. I think the hardest part would be getting accurate measurements. I'm sure there is some handy things on the net!

Happy 4th!

Jeanette said...

So cute, with 2 dogs boy do I need something like this. Happy 4th.

AVinNYC said...

Awww- love those ties!!

Caroline said...

Great idea! I like the tie at the corners, it makes it fit so snugly. Looks super cozy!

Susan said...

Dyeing your slipcovers would be relatively easy. I have done a ton of dyeing with fiber reactive dyes, and the results are pretty fantastic.