Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lily's Cupcake Party!


Lily's first birthday party was so much fun! Everything went really well - and despite crazy thunderstorms the night before and much rain that morning - even the weather was cooperating by the afternoon! Check it out! ** WARNING ** This post contains LOTS of photos!

The cupcake spread! We used recipes and some decoration ideas by Saucy at Saucy's Sprinkles. The little wrapped lollipops in the back are Cupcake Pops from Bakerella's blog.

Lily enjoyed her cupcake - even if she didn't know what to make of it at first!

The banner! I enlarged some embroidery templates from Lollychops and cut the cupcakes out of felt. I used a glue gun to attached the two halves of the cupcake together (if I had had more time I would have sewn them...) and then sewed each cupcake to a long pink ribbon with floss and a cute heart shaped button. The letters are peel and stick chipboard letters that I spray painted. I finished it off with some small bows of cupcake ribbon between the cupcakes.

The goody bags!

Lily's Aunt Heidi crocheted her this little bunny rabbit. Absolutely adorable!

And just for fun... a few shots of Lily with her new bubble machine in action. Beautiful! Her tee shirt is an Etsy find by the way that her mom ordered...

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


Craftpassion said...

This is so sweet and wonderful!!! Lily is so lucky to have this party decorated by you!!!! She is going to have a sweet memory of her first birthday!!!! I think you will get very busy later as everybody will ask you to do the same to their kids, I will be one of them if I stay somewhere near you (if you don't mind to do this in Malaysia) ha ha ha!!!! Joanne, I have to say it again... this is SUPERB!!!!

AVinNYC said...

What a fun party- you are the best Aunt!

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

What a wonderful day... makes me want a cupcake party too! : )

Joanne said...

Thanks ladies! It was just a TON of fun! I wish I had more kids in my life to throw parties for like this! :)

Sabra said...

Oh my freakin' golly CUTE!!!!!!! Found you through Lollychops via Old Red Barn Co. What a fantastic find!!

Natasha said...

WONDERFUL!!! I absolutely love everything you did and am OH SO impressed with all those gorgeous cupcakes you made! Did you spend days baking them all?? They're perfect! And that banner...WOW. Thankyou for all the great ideas!!

Joanne said...

You're so welcome, Natasha!

We actually made the cupcakes a week before and froze them, then thawed and decorated them the morning of!

Can't wait to see what you come up with for your party!