Monday, April 27, 2009

Shout Out for Ideas!

Just a quick note for now... I'll have some projects and photos coming tonight so check back!

Special thanks to Dot for posting my pinata to the Dabbled Facebook group, and a special "Hi, Howdy, Hello!" to those of you that have surfed over here after seeing it there. I'll be working on a tutorial for it very soon, and I hope you'll stop back by!

And now I need to pick your brains! (isn't that phrase so gross sounding?!) A colleague of mine is teaching two five-week "Recycled Art" classes over the summer for boys and girls ages 7-12. She's pregnant and has a lot of other things on her plate as well, so I said I'd help research some project ideas. That's where YOU ALL come in! Leave me a link, photo, or comment with your ideas for green projects for kids (I'll need 10 total) that can be done in hour class periods. We'd both appreciate your help!

Happy Monday - I hope it's sunnier where you are than it is here!


Vone said...

Have you checked out One Pretty Thing. They always post great kids project and had lots of recycled project the other week for Earth Day.

Joanne said...

Thanks for the reminder about oneprettything. I'll head over there and check out the Earth Day ideas. Great!