Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MSCE April Days 7 & 8

So the last few days have been hectic, and there hasn't been much crafting around here. BUT - there has been some "creating" or "MAKING" (hence MAKE Something Cool Everyday in April) that I'll share with you...

I started transplanting my seeds from my starter greenhouse into individual pots. I left it later than I should have (again, I've been busy...) so I'm hoping they make it. If nothing else, my green beans are growing STRONG.

My apologies for the crappy photo... it was late at night... obviously... : )

Today I'm cheating a little bit... it was hubby Travis who made something cool. We're working together to lose some weight before the summertime (ah, the contentment pudge gained from our almost first full year of marriage...) by eating better and exercising. Trav cooked up a Weight Watchers lemon herb chicken recipe with asparagus that was delicious, filling, flavorful, AND healthy. I'm lovin' it!

I have a big event I'm hosting at work tomorrow -- wish me luck! Then I'm looking forward to the weekend for some quality time in my craft studio : )


Meg said...

The plants look wonderful and strong! I haven't started any seeds yet this year so it'll likely be farmers market starters for me this year. Which I don't really mind too much- but starting your own seeds always seems sort of magical to me- I never get over that a huge plant can come from such a small little seed.

The chicken looks great- yay Travis! We're on a a healthier plan over here too (although the Easter holiday might derail that a little bit over the weekend).

Craftpassion said...

How nice is it to plant your own green bean :) You can for sure that it is truely organic and free from chemical. I used to plant my own vegetables but with the baby, I have to stop for a while.
Looking forward to your next post and tell us what was happening in the big event!

UK lass in US said...

I'm a little nervous: my son has been planting things at school again. So far my track record hasn't been too great: I've managed to kill off every plant that has been brought into our home...

I hope the big event went well.