Friday, April 3, 2009

Make Something Cool Every Day in April - Day 2

I subbed for one of my art instructors at the YMCA last night, and while I wasn't responsible for the project plans themselves, I had the privilege of creating them with the students. My camera battery died, of course, during the classes - so I don't have any photos of the kids in action, but here are some photos of the outcomes...

Easter chicks in eggs, by the Kindergarten Explore Art class. They cut their eggs open and I attached them with a brass fastener so that the egg would open and close.

This was actually their project from the week before with another instructor, but they were just so cute and vibrant I had to post it as well. I love projects including kids' hands - even if they ARE a tad messy!

The youth Multi Media Art class worked on abstract circle drawings using sharpie markers - another of my favorite things for kids to use.

Today I'll be "making something cool" with some kids from a local elementary school, and stopping by the Cook Library Center to "make something cool" with them as well. My camera battery is fully charged - so check back later this afternoon for "Make something cool every day in April" DAY THREE!


Dot said...

Making things with kids is so much fun.. I've added you to the MSCE list here:
Do stop by and check out some of your fellow participants, too!


Joanne said...

Absolutely! Looking forward to doing some blog browsing over the weekend. Thanks!

angeltreats said...

I love the chick in the egg! I bet you had as much fun as the students!