Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MSCE April - Day 6 - Frustrated Chick!

Yesterday was the first day of MSCE April that I found frustrating.

Although MSCE April is teaching me to be creative in all aspects of my life, and allowing me to take some time for myself, etc. etc. last night I felt a little pressured to make *something.* I put the pressure on myself of course - since the rules of this game are very loose...

That being said, why I chose a project that involved sewing I have no idea - since I am *such* a novice sewer and really don't know what I'm doing.

Anyhoo, I made a little Easter chick pencil topper using felt and embroidery floss.

I got frustrated and threw it down several times, but by the time I was finally done - I was tickled pink. It turned out pretty cute I think -- and my thrill with creating something on a whim far overshadowed the frustration and pressure I put on myself to make it. Hm... I feel like there's a moral in this story somewhere...

Anyways, enjoy my little chicky friend! : )


Craftpassion said...

Hi Joanne, just relax!!! You are doing great!!!It is true that we always give ourselves some targets to accomplish and we exert ourselves too much into completing them in time. We are only human, don't be too harsh about it, OK!
You little chick is cute, it is like he is asking for food after popping out from the egg shell :)

Joanne said...

Thanks for the good juju! :) Glad you like the chicky!