Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tart & Tangy

I'm not sure why... but I have had absolutely ZERO crafting mojo this week.  Seriously!  I'm not sure if I'm burned out after last week's article, or because I'm so busy with school and other things, but I've been totally unproductive this week.  Have you ever felt this way?  I swear I've started a handful of projects and tossed them aside after a few minutes because I either a) don't like the way the project is going, or b) simply can't be bothered to finish!  Goodness!

The good news is that I think I'm on the tail end of things.  You see, one of the great things about being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator at this time of year is that I'm earning free sets all over the place!  I swear I have more new stamp sets than I know what to do with right now... I can't keep up!  When this little lovely arrived in the mail yesterday though, I knew I had to put it to use right away.


The set is called Tart & Tangy... isn't it just, well,  juicy?  I'm loving it.  I'm already looking forward to when I have some spare time and can play around with it and put together some more elaborate cards.

YOU can earn this set for free as well!  Just head over to my Stampin' Up! website and place an order of $50 or more, then select Tart & Tangy as your free set!  Sale-A-Bration promotion runs through March 31... not much time left!

The orange/lemon and strawberry make me think of summertime and fruity drinks... sigh... wouldn't this stamp set lend itself well to some BBQ or backyard cocktail party invitations?  Will someone please remind me of that idea in about four months?  Thanks!

 Now that I'm back to the world of crafting... I'm hoping to have lots of new things to share with you in the next few days.  In the meantime, I wanted to flash this at you...

Actually, that shot is really for Marie (her guest post yesterday was so much fun, by the way!  Thanks, Marie!) to prove that I am taking baby steps towards my next non-scarf knit project:  Socks!  See those needles?  Yup, they're double pointed!  I'm a little intimidated by them... let's see how we do!


Maiden Jane said...

I think you are going to do just fine with the dpns!

The cards remind me of summer! You're not too far from me - and we are having 70 degree weather today! It's such a tease, but lovin' it while I can!

Yes, sometimes I lose my crafting mojo. I usually just ride it out - settle for watching tv and resting and looking for inspiration.

TeenaBugg38 said...

I'd be an accident waiting to happen with those knitting needles......LOL. I am still trying to master crochet....something with no sharp points! Those cards are just adorable! Maybe that set pulled ya out of your craftin funk! If you are at a roadblock right now that means some project of sheer crafting genius is about to occur....thats what I tell myself anyway :)

Unknown said...

i am IN LOVE with these stamps - but i wouldn't have been as drawn to them without seeing what you pulled together! simple, colorful, affirming, and summer-filled! love them, joanne!

Stacey said...

Love those cards!!!

Amanda said...

Love love love these cards!!

M.E. Greene said...

First, I totally love the Tart & Tangy set. It's my fave! I've made some of the cutest things EVER with that set.

Second, I totally understand the lack of mojo thing. I've been in that run lately, too, but mostly just because I've had so much on my plate. Next week is spring break and I plan to knit... a lot! (While we're in Denver.)

Third, I'm so excited for your socks!! I can't wait to watch you knit like the wind. Ask me if you have any questions. Any time! I'm happy to help.


Apryl said...

How's it going with the socks? I was over at Marie's Christmas before last (back in the good ol' days when we lived in the same state...sniff) saw some of her knitting and fell in love with the craft. She's been an awesome encouragement, so you are in good hands. Socks aren't bad, once you get used to the awkwardness of all those dpns!

It seems like there's a little video on about turning the heel (and everything about knitting in general). The videos there are so helpful. Good luck!
P.S. I've been following your blog for a month now (thanks to Marie's linky dink) and I'm loving every minute!

Enjoy Vegas!