Monday, August 24, 2009


I FINALLY got it! My first sewing machine! Woo hoo!

I received my sewing machine this weekend from my parents for a birthday gift and I'm SO (SEW!) excited! So excited in fact that I don't have time for a real post... I'm too busy working on sewing projects to share with you. Getting the hang of threading the thing was a little hairy - but everything else is going splendidly.

Any of you sewers out there have any great ideas to add to my list of beginner projects to tackle? Leave a comment!


Craft Passion said...

Congratulation on your first sewing machine and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Go for some easy tote bag projects :)

Katie Faye said...

Haha.. I thought I was so clever titling my similar blog post "sew awesome." :) looking forward to your sewing-related posts and simple ideas for beginners like me!