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Christmas Guest Post Series #4: Two-Page Holiday Scrapbook Layout with Your Memory Mosaic

I'm very excited to bring you the final guest in a series of four holiday-themed guest posts here at Ready, Set, Craft!  Today I'm very happy to have Lindsey of Your Memory Mosaic guest posting and sharing her scrapbooking talents with us.  Enjoy! 

Two-Page Holiday Layouts

Hi Everyone!  Thanks Joanne for the chance to do a guest post on your wonderfully crafty little piece of the world.  I’ve known Joanne since we were 14 and 15 singing in show choir and doing musical theater together… she is my favorite Sumo Ballerina.  (You can ask her about that one!) When Joanne asked me to do a post for her blog I was nervous, but excited at the chance to share something I love with all of her readers.

Alright – here we go!  I don’t know about other scrapbookers out there, but for me I have A LOT of different things just lying around my scrapbook area.  For this layout I wanted to use the stuff I already had on hand.  If nothing else it proves to me that I don’t actually have to run out and buy the latest and greatest papers and embellishments available.

(I do apologize if the photos aren’t the best quality – my craft room is in the basement and while I love having my own space the lighting isn’t the best!)

What you’ll need:
2 pieces of dark sage green 12x12 papers
1 piece light sage green 12x13 paper
1 piece coordinating dark red paper
1 piece of your favorite 12x12 holiday paper
6 Mini Silver brads
White sticker letters (not shown or you can use your Cricut Expressions as I did)
½ thick white ribbon
Two holiday stamps
Gold stamp pad
Red Pen (for some reason I wasn’t thinking and included a black pen in the picture)
Personal cutter(s)

(For the solid papers if the dark/light green and red don’t match your pattern paper – no problem.  Just select whatever papers you want from what you already have on hand.  I picked these papers because I felt their either matched or went well with the colors in my pattern paper.)

Step 1:
Use your pattern paper and cut out one 4 ½ inch and one 1 ½ inch strip and adhere them to the darker green paper as shown:

Step 2:
Use your white sticker letters to spell out the words, “Silent Night” and “Holy Night” or whatever title trips your trigger.  I picked this because I had the song in my head.  I didn’t have enough white sticker letters to make out the words so I used my Cricut Expressions to cut the letters out for me. Adhere “Silent Night” to the top of one page as shown. Adhere “Holy Night” to the middle of second page like you see in the photo below.

Step 3:
Cut out two 14 inch or so pieces of ribbon.  Adhere one piece to the bottom of page one a big inch from the bottom.  Adhere the second ribbon to the top of the second page a big inch from the top edge.  I am pretty lax on how I adhere ribbon.  I just wrap it around the edge of the paper and use some scotch tape to hold it in place.  It hasn’t failed me yet so that is how I do it.

Step 4:
Cut out 2 mattes in the red, 2 mattes in the dark green – both 4 ½” x 4 ½”.  After that cut out 4 white mattes 4 ¼” x 4 ¼” (These will be the perfect size to add your 4x4 photos after the holidays!)  Glue the mattes together and affix them to the pages as shown.

Step 5:
Create two little mattes – 1 green and 1 red (2 ¼” x 2 ¼”) and 2 white ones (2” x 2”)

Step 6:
Use your two holiday stamps and gold ink to stamp the images on the small mattes on the diagonal as shown.  Adhere one to each page like you see in the photos.  (After I stamped these I felt they needed a little something extra and added a little red ink on them so they had a little more pop!)

Step 7:
I love me some mini brads!  Use your 6 silver mini brads to add a little shine to your page.  On the first page I used three along the bottom left hand corner spaced an inch apart.  On the second page I placed them on the right edge toward the top.  I like them there, but you can put them wherever your little hearts’ desire!

AND YOU ARE DONE!  I hope you enjoy putting together this two page holiday layout as much as I did creating it for you!  I hope it is quick and easy to put together so you can add four 4x4 photos after the holidays.

Thanks again Joanne!  Merry Christmas everyone!

A little bit about my work.  I started Your Memory Mosaic recently after much thought and prodding by my husband and friends.  I love scrapbooking when I’m not playing wife, mom or paralegal so moving it toward something for extra income made sense.  I really enjoy making pre-made layouts and scrapbooks for people to use themselves or give as gifts.  There is nothing better for a new mom or newlywed couple than a beautiful scrapbook to admire for years to come.  Especially when they just have to add the photos!  If you are interested at all in speaking to me about making a scrapbook for you please email me at
Thanks so much Lindsey!  Be sure to leave Lindsey a comment and let her know that you enjoyed her tutorial, and then head over to her blog to check out more of her work.  And don't forget to tell her that Joanne at Ready, Set, Craft! sent you over!


Lindsey Wolfe said...

Thanks for posting Joanne!

Just noticed an OOPS on my part. STEP FOUR should have you cut two of the mattes out of the LIGHT green paper not the dark.

Happy Scrapping everyone!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh, my! I remember the days of scrapbooking...then I kept having kids and it ended up out the window. I miss it, and your pages are lovely :)

Joanne said...

Thanks for sharing, Lindsey!

AVinNYC said...

Love the font of the cut-out letters!! :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Really nice Christmas layout!

Stopping by from SITS!