Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tablecloth & Bulletin Board Tutorials

Now that Fall is creeping up on us and I'm spending a little less time outside, I've been antsy to get going on some projects around the house.

Since I'm working on my masters full-time and will be spending lots of time studying and at the computer, I figured the office needed a bit of a makeover first.

My office is a very small room, and while we have two desk workspaces they are both in use with a large computer monitor, printer, etc. I wanted just a little more space to work.

In addition to adding some shelving, I had this little table that had been sitting in a closet since we moved into our house. I whipped up a little tablecloth to cover it...

Tablecloth Tutorial:

1) Cut a piece of fabric (I used lightweight decorator fabric) the approximate size that you would like your table cloth. My fabric was 37 inches square.

2) Zigzag all the way around to stop fraying.

3) Fold and press a hem using the zig zag as a guide.

4) Fold and press again to completely cover rough edge of fabric. Then stitch all the way around! I used a pretty decorative leaves stitch on my machine. Love!

It's the perfect place for our in/out box trays and page-a-day calendar. Removing those things from my desk gives me some more open workspace.

Once I was done with the tablecloth, I attacked an old bulletin board that was hanging in our kitchen but never got any use. I figured it would be better used in the office.

Fabric Bulletin Board Tutorial:

1) Spray paint bulletin board the color of your choice.

2) Drape fabric over bulletin board and cut to size.

3) Fold and press edges.

4) Place on board to check size.

5) Begin at one corner and staple along each edge as close to the frame as possible.

6) Pull tightly as you go.

7) Continue pulling and stapling all the way around. You may have some excess fabric on some sides, fold it under before stapling.

8) Finished!

It was fun to make over my office a little bit! Now I'm off to finish re-organizing and making my space a clean, relaxing and workable work space! I hope you enjoyed my tutorials!


AVinNYC said...

Great projects!!

Meg said...

The bulletin board is great! Love that fabric!