Friday, March 13, 2009

Project Updates

The favor boxes for Alison's Shower are coming along - I have just over half of them done. This is good considering the shower is THIS SUNDAY! : )

I needed to whip up a quick tag for them, so I printed text on lightweight cardstock, then stamped over the top of it and used a circle punch to punch them out. Simple, quick, and cute!

I was out looking for some fabric yesterday for a SECRET PROJECT I'm working on... and found this.

I was originally looking for something in the purple family but there wasn't anything I loved. This, I think, is beautiful. I'll be posting about it's accompanying project next week.

It's funny really - considering my mother is a costumer and seamstress - that I'm just now discovering fabric and sewing. As a child I had little to no interest in it whatsoever. Now my mind is filled with all of the fabric creations ahead of me! Good thing I have Mum to help out!


Alison said...

This fabric is super cute! Modern and vintage-y all at the same time :-)

Craftpassion said...

Wow, you really put a lot of effort on th boxes, Alison should be very glad to have you as friend!!!
I like your fabric, it is something I look for for my purse and handbag project. Is it cotton? Will you consider a swap? Let me know, please!

Meg said...

I love that fabric!!! The boxes are really coming out great.

Tonya said...

I'm glad you like my scarf pattern! I'm just getting into sewing, too - I'll have to check back here!