Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wedding Favors

I'm still alive!

I'm finally finished with my summer semester of classes - phew!  It was my last semester of classes in my graduate program, just six weeks long, two classes, and two huge research papers.  It was absolutely the toughest semester of grad school - and I'm PROUD to say that worked really hard, and just found our yesterday that I received a 4.0 for the semester!

Now I have three and a half weeks to recuperate and reenergize before I start my thesis - and as long as all goes well I'll be a MASTER in December!  Woot woot!

As you can imagine - crafting time has not been in the schedule lately - but I did want to share with you the wedding favors that we worked on last week (see posts here and here) in action...

I love the triangular theme that carries through the table -- the favors, photo centerpieces, and napkin folds.

Now that I have some time off I'll not only be designating plenty of time for crafting and blogging, but taking some time to enjoy what's left of summer as well.

There are so many of you whose blogs I love to read and just haven't had the chance to visit lately - I'm so sorry!  You can be sure that I'll be doing so, and catching up with e-mails, over the next few weeks.

Happy end of summer! 

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