Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happiness is... magic wands and sandcastles

This past weekend we headed out to the lake as we so often do, and our friends Heather, Anthony, and daughter Lily joined us.  South Haven hosts a Blueberry Festival every year complete with live music, an art show, and yes - lots and lots of blueberries.  We took advantage of the events and headed down to a concert on the water on Friday night, then spent Saturday on the beach. 

It's funny how you can see places and events in a whole new way just by adding a child into the equation.  It was so fun to watch Lily at the show, and on the beach.  She had a great time.  She loved her light up wand at the concert and clapped heartily at the end of each song - she had a whale of the time on the beach building sandcastles and sitting in the water as well.

Sitting at the waters' edge laughing with Lily as the ends of waves touched her toes was one of the best moments of the weekend - life doesn't get any better than experiencing true joy in those that you love.  I need to do a better job or realizing that it's those little moments that mean the most.  So glad the Hill Family was able to spend the weekend with us at the lake!


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