Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gardening Update

I was inspired by Meg's gardening update yesterday - I'm so envious of her raised vegetable beds and hope to work with hubs to make some for us next year!  After trying to grow everything we possibly could last year and having zero success (too much stuff and not enough knowledge!) we're trying to focus on just a select group of plants this year.   

Here's what the tomato plants looked like right about a month ago...

And here's what we're working with now!

I'm just worried that there's hardly any fruit on them yet - and none of it close to ripe.  Plenty of flowers, though.  Tomato growers - are we on track?  Are we going to see some ripe fruit this year?

And that's not all.  Since I blogged about gardening last, I picked up a green pepper plant.  It is getting SO BIG!  It's a monster!

The best part of the entire plant, though, is the lone pepper we have - it's kind of funny hanging there all by iteself.  I have no idea how big it's supposed to get or when to pick it (will it get as big as a grocery store sized green bell pepper?) and I'm kind of wondering why it's the only fruit on the entire plant thus far.  Something is better than nothing I guess?  : )

As you can see - the pots and plants are taking over the back steps.  If we have success this year we are going to have to for sure make plans for next year to have some raised beds in our side yard for veggies.  I really am longing for homegrown veggies all summer long! 


Maiden Jane said...

They look great - but I don't have a green thumb. That's my husband's dept!

The Creative Place said...

Your plants are looking amazing! I planted some herbs a couple months ago and they've taken over my windowsill... the vegetable seeds I planted....uh, not so much, lol. This is inspiring- I'd love to make a garden in our backyard- maybe next year? :)

Gabrielle @ i.craft said...

Your veggies look great!! It's so satisfying to grow food, isn't it? BRaVO!