Monday, April 19, 2010

Cupcakes = Love

A chocolate cupcake is a great way to say "I love you"...

...but a chocolate cupcake lathered in cream cheese frosting?

...and rolled in Toasted Coconut?

That says "I really, REALLY love you"

(These cupcakes were hubs' request this weekend, and I was happy to oblige!)

I hope that you had a great weekend!

PS)  I did a bunch of test-baking for the Cupkins collaboration this weekend... you're not going to want to miss what Meg and I have in store for you in May and June!  YUM!


AVinNYC said...

Oooh- yummy! You have a very lucky husband!!

Caroline said...

OH.My.Goodness!!!! These look amazing!!!! I agree with AVinNYC, your husband is one lucky guy!

Maiden Jane said...

Love is sweet!

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

Fed -ex me one!!! I looooove chocolate and coconut but sadly I'm the only one in the house that does and I will not bake myself a whole batch of cupcakes (as much as I'd like too) : )

The Creative Place said...

Wow I wish I could pull one of those out of the computer screen and eat it! Yummy!! :)