Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flower Pen Workshop

It's proving to be the summer of the Flower Pen! I led a workshop with a small group of children last night and we had a wonderful time making flower pens (tutorial HERE) together.

What I've noticed from doing this project so many times is that more often than not, the boys enjoy it just as much as or more so than the girls! I had tons of supplies this time so I let each student make four pens to keep or give as gifts.

Supplies ready to go

Students focused on how to correctly use the floral tape to create the best effect and most long lasting product by using a "pull and wrap" technique.

"Can I make another?!"

Finished pens


Meg said...

I really like the new blog layout- I think this ones my favorite so far.

Joanne said...

THANKS! All I need now is a banner and I think I'll concentrate on POSTING for awhile instead of fiddling with formatting! :)

Anonymous said...

I tried this but the floral tape is sticky on both sides. I purchased floral stem tape. Is there a certain type of floral tape that doesn't make the pens sticky?

Joanne said...

Hi there! I hope you get this note - next time feel free to drop me an e-mail so that I can get back to you quicker! Try taking a cotton ball with a little bit of nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol on it and wipe the pen down - it should take the stickiness away. Be careful not to soak it TOO much or it could strip some color from the tape.

Enjoy! Thanks for your comment!

Katiesflowerpens said...

This is a really great way to make flowerpens. I make flowerpens with a tubing material so it isn't sticky. I have found that the tape is sticky. You should check out my website to see my creations. Also, feel free to sign up for the newsletter so I can keep you updated. http://www.katiesflowerpens.com