Saturday, January 31, 2009

Alison Bridal Shower Invitation

The goal with these invitations was to create something simple that was quick and easy to put together since I needed to assemble a large number of them (originally the number was 50, it's now down to 39 - but I plan on making 45 to allow for error.)

After much toying around, I came up with a simple layered look using faux flowers to tie it together (I hate glue - so messy - and this allows the design to have some motion.) Here it is:

*Disclaimer: When I'm trying to come up with a concept I don't measure, use a ruler, take my time making sure stamps are inked correctly and don't smudge, etc. so know that these pictures are not representative of the quality of the final product!

So then I thought I'd reverse the colors and see what happened:

Now to me, the green flower looks weird. I mean, there are green flowers out there, and they are beautiful - I know that Alison was investigating some for her bouquet and such. But here, on this invitation, it looks weird to me.

I never like one group of invitations to be identical - I think it's fun to create a set that you can mix and match components so that every one is a little different. I'm having trouble with the green flowers though - and I don't know if it's legit, or if I've just been staring at them for too long.

So I'm turning to you (my readership of 4!) to help me. I've put together some layered flowers below using both green and pink. You'll have to envision them on the invitations above, but let me know which ones look good - and which are just, well, a little odd!


Alison said...
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Alison said...

I do like the green flowers (I hope they grow on you - your bouquet will be green!). I think I prefer the monochromatic flowers to the mixed ones. Although I do like the same color petals with a different color center. I actually like all 1-8 here... :) Thanks again for all your hard work on this stuff! You're the best :-)

Joanne said...

Look at you - commenting! I'm so proud! So where's that wedding blog? :)